About us


Ningbo Home Test Bio-technology Co., ltd is an R&D-focused Chinese biotechnology company that develops, manufactures, and supplies high-quality medical in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) rapid test kits as well as revolutionary customized reagent kits to all parts of the world. HTBIO was founded by a team of professionals with 18 years of combined technical, marketing/sales, operational and manufacturing expertise in this industry. With the goal of “improving the quality of life and creating a green attitude towards life”, we provide customers with personalized high-quality services through diversified business cross mode, build different R & D platforms and production platforms for customers, and provide fast and high-quality fixed-point services for customers through trust communication, resource sharing and other means.

Streamline Your Lateral Flow Assay OEM/ODM

HTBIO is a trustworthy partner who provides all services involved in lateral flow test production. We provide the following services for lateral flow device OEM/ODM:

·Lateral flow assay design and development
·Label and packaging design
·Quality control
·Clinical evaluation

Company Vision

Technology protects health, improves biological quality by biotechnology, triggering a green attitude towards life by quality of life, and making every living attitude intelligent. Improve the quality of life and create a green attitude towards life. Strive to be a professional supplier of in vitro diagnostic reagent.

Company History

HTBIO was founed by Dr. Jiang graduted from MIT in Beijing since 2002 and has established a comprehensive Quality Management System that applies international standards (EN ISO 9001), ensuring top quality test results and accuracy. Also, most of our products are CE certified.