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Sample collection:What is the collection methed of Nasopharyngeal swab specimen?

The operator holds the swab by the right hand and holds the head of the subject fixedly by the left hand. Putting the sab downing backwards the bottom of the nasal cavity and penetrate slowly and gently. Do not overexert to avoid traumatic hemorrhage. When the tip of the swab touching the posterior parries of the paranasal cavity, letting the swab remain in the place for a few seconds (about 3seconds) and rotating the swab gently for one cycle and then remove the swab slowly.

Sample collection:What is the collection methed of Collection method of Oropharyngeal swab specimen?

The head of the person to be collected is slightly tilted and his mouth is wide open, exposing the pharyngeal tonsils on both sides. Wipe the swab across the root of the tongue. Wipe the pharyngeal tonsils n both sides of the person to be collected back and forth with a little force or at least 3 times, and then wipe up and down the posterior pharyngeal wall for the least 3 times.

What is the sample Treatment?

Add 550ul sample diluent solution into the sampling tube, dip the swab after sample collection into the sample diluent solution, make the solution fully permeate the swab, rotate and squeeze the swab 10 times, then pull out the swab, and take the remained liquid as the sample to be tested.

What is the assay procedure?

Apply 2 full drops of the sample diluent solution(60-70ul) vertically into the sample well of the test cassette. The results are observed after 20minutes and sowed on
clinical significance after 20 minutes.

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